Interview Do’s and Dont’s

Please read the following Job Interview Do’s and Dont’s


  • Be friendly to absolutely everybody (this applies to life in general


  • Make eye contact frequently.
  • Be professional: act like somebody you would want to employ.
  • Be enthusiastic. The best way is to learn about the company or industry and develop an appreciation for it. If you can’t, question why you are applying.
  • Actively contribute to the interview. Forget the standard question-and-response format. Make the interview a lively conversation if possible.
  • Stick to the point when answering questions.
  • Remember, you’re interviewing the interviewer to see if you really want to work for the company.
  • Finally, send a thank you card, especially if the interview went well. It will remind the interviewer of what a positive interview you were.
  • Dress Appropriately


  • Be abrasive or demanding.
  • Chew gum (there’s nothing less professional or impolite).
  • Act inappropriately.
  • Make sensitive comments (you don’t know who you’re talking to).
  • Digress endlessly. Do use minor elaborations to illustrate your point.
  • Wear overpowering perfumes or aftershave.
  • Wear anything too gaudy. Be conservative.
  • Swear or use expletives.

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